The beauty of social media is the sense of familiarity that you can gain with someone before meeting them in the real world. I came to know Sue Koch through connections made on LinkedIn and Twitter. I noticed that Sue was regularly sharing my content in her tweets and steering her network to me. Mind you, here’s someone I don’t know, elevating my online presence.

In my humble opinion, this is the best of best practices in social networking. Sue engendered a very high level of trust and that led to a wonderful first in-person encounter. Sue exemplifies all that is good about the trade and sweetens her offering with focused and insightful writing. In social, we are taught to be authentic in our communication, especially when leveraging our vehicles to promote others. This is an area where Sue Koch really shines and I’m delighted to recommend her.”

JD GERSHBEIN, Speaker on Social Neuromarketing and Social Business Development at Owlish Communications

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