People Have Questions. People Trust Friends. Friends Like to Help. Facebook Works.

It amazes me how often I still hear “but Facebook is just for kids, I’m not wasting my time there.” Sure, back in the day, it was a platform of drunken frat photos, farm animals & angry birds, interactions using acronyms some of us couldn’t understand and never thought we’d use (..but do now, admit it).

Today, it truly is a powerful platform for brands and building an entrepreneurial foundation. What looks like childsplay is the painful history still in your mind, or what you see on your newsfeed (or child’s newsfeed) if that is your experience with it. There are many rooms, let’s open some new doors!

Times have changed, and if you aren’t using Facebook in some capacity, I tell you assuredly, you are behind. Companies from Fortune 100 to the local business down the street are amplifying their brand, getting leads, referrals & business on social media every single minute.

Facebook is only a suprising 2nd to LinkedIn for Attorneys getting leads on social media.* Why? Primary referral based business.

People have questions. People trust their friends. Friends like to help.

I’m quite certain client/vendor matches were made via these Facebook posts requesting solid business referrals. If that client is happy, they’ll tell their friends. Not the one friend on the phone, but the 600 on Facebook. Then more will come. It happens every day.

Referral examples from Facebook

Want numbers? I know, I like ’em too.

Stats on social media site users OVER 35!**

LinkedIn – 75%
Facebook – 65%
Twitter – 55%
Pinterest – 63%
Hmmmm, 65% of over 1 billion is… who cares!!

And we didn’t even talk brand pages here… Trix are still for kids. Facebook is now for everyone. (But I admittedly like Lucky Charms as a treat every now and again.)

Don’t worry, if you feel behind now, I can help you catch up!

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**Stats via

Facebook Removes Suggest to Friends- How Will We Grow!

As you know, Facebook pretty much runs the world now, and they can do whatever they want, whenever they want, without notifying users, nor caring how user friendly or intuitive their user interface may be when changed abruptly. That said, it still is a fantastic platform for business, and well, they will continue to have many of us on that leash, because frankly if done right, it works. A great option in building a business page following, historically, was the ‘Suggest to Friends’ option, as seen to the left.

This is something I always tell clients new to Facebook or growing a business page to use on a weekly basis as they add friends to their personal page, in order to use their personal connections as a portal to growth for their business page, as relevant of course.

Those of you using this function may have noticed it acting a bit odd lately.  Something like the grey bar below, where you normally would see the thumbnails of each of your friends.  They first announced this as a holding pattern while a bug was fixed.  Per this article:

However, the end result is that this functionality for the non-admin user has actually been removed, as discussed here:

Page admins, do not fret- as a page creator you still have access to this function, and should continue to use it as a fan building mechanism to boost your business page.

What you can no longer do is say to your friend with 1300 Facebook friends “Hey buddy, will you help support my business growth and suggest my business page to your expansive group of friends?”  Well, you can still say this, but your friend can no longer help you in this way.    Or can they…?

If you trust this friend, absolutely and unconditionally, both before and after cocktails, there is an option.  First ask yourself- would I give this person my debit card pin code?  If this answer is yes, consider this possibility…  Perhaps if just for a day, you make them an Admin of your business page.  (You trust them, right?)  If someone is an admin of your page, they can still help you and suggest their Facebook friends become a fan of your page.

So this is the workaround solution, one not to be considered lightly.  One I don’t like to recommend for privacy sake, but some of you have very influential friends with strong networks, yet a simple ‘share’ is not going to have the impact of a ‘suggest’.   People can still “share” your comments to their following, and this is still a good engagement factor to shoot for in your interactions and it can facilitate viral growth as well as boost search engine optimization (SEO).  However, it is a much slower step toward growth and is not going to have the potential exposure of a “suggest”. The “share” can sneak past one’s view in a full newsfeed, while a “suggest” will remain in someone’s queue for an action to be taken. 







So perhaps you make your highly connected friends or family members an admin, temporarily, so that they can suggest your business page to their friends.  Just don’t forget to remove them once the action is taken!

Go forth and grow!