Twitter Loves Visual Media Too!

As many of you already know, statistics show great results in the use of visual images, photography or video, in social media. Often people think this rule only applies to blogs, Facebook or Google Plus because of their presentation format.

What not as many realize the similar power that visual media can add to Twitter. “But Twitter is so small”! You say? In characters, yes… But Twitter has changed their user interface over the years, and also, keep in mind, there are many ways someone can view a Twitter feed. Here are some examples of how Tweets show up on different sites and in different formats.

1. I’ll start with a tip: As much as I LOVE Hootsuite, I must stray from it every now and again. Here is why – this is what Tweets look like in Hootsuite- Your standard Twitter handle, hashtags, links, etc. Great! But you need to be intrigued by the copy to click.

2. See that Tweet above from @BridgesCourt mentioning me with a link? Well it looks very different on my iPhone. One tap and I’m on YouTube watching a video!

3. Same idea with uploading pictures to Twitter. Here is one from Tim Ferriss, author of the 4 Hour Work Week, viewed on my iPhone. If you see the picture he references by the way, it should be reported!

4. What if you are the web on good ol’ This first screen shot is a stream of Tweets. Notice where it allows you to click for more. Depending on the content you’ll see, expand, view summary, view photo, view media.

5. And when you click “view photo”, well, there it is!

So, always remember that if you are trying to create a strong presence on Twitter, to go beyond the quotes, articles, tips and such. Those things are great for Twitter, but keep that visual content coming on Twitter as well so you find ways to creatively stand out. At the end of the day, all social media love good, genuine, creative, insightful content.

Now, go Tweet something visually enticing!