How do I Find my Own LinkedIn Activity?

After my latest LinkedIn training class via Dabble, I was happy to see that my students were picking up their activity by doing status updates! I love to see people implement their new ideas.

Next, came the question- where do I see my own LinkedIn activity? Great question! We are used to seeing the LinkedIn activity of our connections going by on our feed, but what if we want to see a trail of our own? Below is my response to that question captured with a screenshot.

Note that you will not only see your latest status updates, but your most recent activity that your connections may have seen on their newsfeed. So this will include status updates you have liked, commented on, shared, new connections & profile updates you have made, etc. Have any other questions like this? Click below and share in the comments of the Facebook post!

Post by Soaring Solutions, LLC.

LinkedIn Media Links are Live! Or Coming To Your Profile Soon

In the latest LinkedIn release, you can now add media links: files, images AND video, to your profile, under each segment. The caveat: If you had media on your profile before, you have the ability to use this now. If you did not have media on your profile before, you may not have had this portion of the update rolled out to you yet. Don’t fret, LinkedIn has you on the radar!

Feel free to take a look at my profile for examples of media in both the summary and experience sections. Here is a quick snapshot- while in Profile Edit mode, look for that square button in the middle. Once there, just add the URLs to your media rich content, and you’ve got a savvy profile featuring your great works and insights!

I’ll be sharing a how-to video on my membership site shortly!