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Social Media Training and Coaching Services

Receive the benefits of accelerated learning while in the company of other committed professionals. Share ideas and insights, experience interactive learning and leave with the plans and knowledge to take your social media prowess to new levels.


Social Media Strategy – Your Key to Success & Sanity

Lack of success, inability to create customers, alliances and ROI from social media, greatly stems from a lack of planning. Without this, people commit what I like to refer to as random acts of unsuccessful social media marketing. Just like any other business generating activity, a strategy is the foundation for success, focus, and time management.

We’ll discuss examples of how strategy can create success, ROI, and focus. The key components of a strategy will be defined, and facilitate brainstorming around how to develop the details within each component:

  • Online research tools & tactics
  • Tools for efficiency & planning
  • A plan for focusing in on your relevant audience
  • Reputation management
  • Success Measures
  • And more!





LinkedIn for Sales and Business Development: The Cold Call Killer

It’s not just for job search! We’ll discuss the importance of profile completion and building quality connections. Take a deep dive into more advanced techniques to build, manage and grow your connections online and in person. You’ll learn about:

  • Connection management
  • Company, client research and privacy
  • Staying current and top of mind with connections
  • Creating value, establishing thought leadership status and trust
  • Promoting events
  • Search engine optimizing your profile
  • Using groups to engage, beyond spectatorship
  • Finding ways to participate and become relevant outside your groups and network
  • Application integration options to share value, expertise, and your online savvy





Facebook for Business—Power Your Pages

Facebook rapidly shifted from personal to professional status, many are just getting on board. Often businesses create a Facebook page before, or even instead of, a company website. We’ll discuss:

  • The difference between a group, page and community
  • Creating your business page
  • Growing your business page and tracking key metrics
  • Posting, etiquette and successful tactics for engaging
  • Planning and promoting events
  • Use of tabs and customization options you don’t need a software developer for
  • Integration tools and other low cost methods to polish your page incorporating video, photos and portfolios, promotions and more





Twitter Pro—Changing the World in 140 Characters

Twitter has also rapidly evolved from something many found confusing and useless, into a powerful tool to engage a community, create buzz, and route people to other destinations online or off to support your professional goals. This session will discuss:

  • Setup of a Twitter account, what is necessary to create a solid professional profile
  • Building a following, targeting your audience using Twitter
  • Basic Twitter functions, how and when to use them
  • Posting, etiquette and strategic use of lists
  • Customer service/reputation management
  • Third party tools to create efficiencies and take your Twitter prowess to the next level





Social Media as Customer Service

The power of social media can not only facilitate the growth and presence of your business, but also the wide dissemination of your customer’s personal perspective on their issues or successes with your products or services. It is key to have a strategy incorporating reputation management, as well as a team well versed in your brand, voice, and position in handling praise, criticism and struggles with your product or service with grace. This session will discuss:

  • The benefits of incorporating customer support and reputation management into your strategy
  • Maintaining your brand and voice through conflict
  • Key considerations when hiring support staff
  • The five “A”‘s of customer service, and online delivery
  • Examples and case studies of successes and disasters in social media
  • The new corporate structure and how to apply it to your small business
  • Integrated business solutions from free to large scale ERP





The Integration Intensive: Hootsuite, TweetAdder

Many just ramping up their social media campaigns are not fully aware of all the supporting tools available to boost productivity, efficiency, monitoring and engagement. Many that are on board have yet to explore the benefits hiding under the hood beyond the ‘single post-many platforms’ option. Tools such as TweetAdder and Hootsuite offer powerful capabilities to facilitate strategic implementation and reduce the overwhelm often associated with introducing social media at your organization This session will discuss:

  • A comparison of various integrators from free to paid
  • One stop shop
  • The art and etiquette of the scheduled, integrated post
  • Measuring your success via metrics
  • Monitoring engagement, methods for building quality following and tracking your influence
  • Beyond words- the power of ease of video and photos
  • Taking it mobile