Social Media Training and Coaching Services

Whether you want to take a pulse on your current online savvy, receive refresher training or targeted support on a particular focus area, or take a full project approach to implement your social media campaign, Soaring Solutions has a package designed to meet your needs!

Social Media Audit

Are you spending your valuable time creating and sharing content on social media but not seeing results? A social media audit is a great way to advance your implementation. Soaring Solutions will review your priority social channels to identify:

  • Ways to optimize your profile setup.
  • Best practices and tactics that you may be missing out on to increase exposure and gain more engagement.
  • Tips for how you write and distribute your content to gain more traction.
  • Ways to grow your audience.
  • If timing, consistency and frequency of your social media use is impacting your exposure.
  • Receive a document listing, by social channel, recommendations and next steps to power your presence.

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Kickstart Coaching Package

Need help or clarification in implementing your existing social media strategy or expanding your social map? This 3-hour coaching program is designed to help you do just that! It includes guidance via 2 or 3 coaching sessions and opportunity for targeted training. This course goes at your pace and is catered to your immediate goals. Receive thorough follow up for accountability and schedule planning. Live or distance via Skype or Google Hangout.

For 5 or more participants, please contact for workshop pricing.

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Consulting by the Hour

Whatever you need! Q&A, training on any topic, optimizing your ads, optimizing your profiles, analytics to measure success, you name it!

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    Social Media Profile Setup/Optimization

    This segment includes the creation and/or optimization of certain social profiles. Soaring Solutions will update/create profiles to build out the following:

    • Complete bios (from existing content or via phone & email review)/about sections and any other relevant sections to fully represent brand and search engine optimize.
    • Social profile integration (not for content posting automation, but to make sure your entire social presence is presented on any channel a viewer may see)
    • Branded imagery (to be delivered by graphic designer, or catered to profile from existing client images or designs.)
    • May include custom integration to newsletter platforms or campaigns for additional fee.

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