Success Stories

Hear from others who have partnered with Soaring Solutions to navigate their social media journey from education to implementation.

Social media can seem to be a vast, unmapped wilderness fraught with hashtags, likes, pins, follows, and retweets. Sue, wisely titles herself “Chief Navigator” in this new unchartered territory that so desperately needs navigation. Sue is that rare person in social media who is as authentic in real life as she is on social media. She embraces the “social” above the media and values the building of connections and relationships through the appropriate use of social media. She is at the head of the class as a social media student and sees the interrelationship between various platforms and, when advising you, knows where you should be for your business. I consider Sue a friend in real life, but that makes perfect sense because of the way she works. She is bright, articulate, warm, and giving. If you are trying to find your way in social media, you’ll find no better guide than Sue.

Dan Fogel
Senior Mortgage Consultant, A and N Mortgage

Sue is without a doubt one of the best speakers I know of. She’s warm, engaging, funny, informative and totally holds her audience. I’ve heard her speak at two different events in the last month….in two absolutely different markets. Both times, her presentations were perfectly customized, on target and so well received. I’ve heard Sue speak at other events in the past few years. You can’t go wrong bringing her in to speak to your organization. You will get more than your money’s worth.

Rickey Gold
Marketing Strategist and Copywriter

Sue is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of Social Media with a great deal of expertise in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. I’ve hired Sue from Soaring Solutions more than once for one-on-one training as well as large group training. She is very professional yet more importantly has the most current up-to-date knowledge on these great tools. I’ve noticed a significant increase in my company Facebook activity and have learned a great deal about LinkedIn and look forward to growing my business goals. I’m sure I’ll be hiring Sue again very soon to keep up on the latest Social Media technologies!

Vanessa Casciano
Community Relations Director, Magellan Development

The beauty of social media is the sense of familiarity that you can gain with someone before meeting them in the real world. I came to know Sue Koch through connections made on LinkedIn and Twitter. I noticed that Sue was regularly sharing my content in her tweets and steering her network to me. Mind you, here’s someone I don’t know, elevating my online presence.

In my humble opinion, this is the best of best practices in social networking. Sue engendered a very high level of trust and that led to a wonderful first in-person encounter. Sue exemplifies all that is good about the trade and sweetens her offering with focused and insightful writing. In social, we are taught to be authentic in our communication, especially when leveraging our vehicles to promote others. This is an area where Sue Koch really shines and I’m delighted to recommend her.

JD Gershbein
Social Neuromarketing Specialist, Owner at Owlish Communications,

I had the pleasure of meeting Sue while attending her Twitter Basics Workshop and have since continued to turn to Sue’s expertise to help create both a personal and professional social media strategy. Sue is a natural communicator and has a genuine passion for her work. But her true gift is her ability to translate cutting-edge technical information into concepts that are easy to understand—and apply. For those of us in a demographic not raised on social media, Sue’s patient, supportive coaching style sets her apart from the rest. Sue is a real find! I’ll welcome an opportunity to work with her again in the future.

Pamela Ogborn
Independent Writer, Photographer , Owner at,

Sue is wonderful! I have hired her more than once to assist with ideas for Social Media regarding Twitter and Facebook. I have also hired her to present at our monthly seminars to educate Realtors and Mortgage & Loan Officers on Social Media. She is reliable and has creative new ideas! I highly recommend her!

Neena Vlamis
CEO at A and N Mortgage Services, Inc., hired Sue as a Business Consultant in 2010 – Current

Sue has been a great partner for the development of our presence on LinkedIn. She recommended a 2 phase approach. We completed phase one which included developing our company and individual empoyees profiles…she spent time with my team to direct them on proper creation and layout of their individual profiles. Phase 2 is around the corner which is primarily bringing awareness to our profiles inevitably to increase sales and logo awareness. Sue has been a joy to work with and we look forward to the continued partnership, and again, the increase in revenues her expertise will bring to our organization. Thanks Sue!

Bart Zimmerman
CEO at Digital Direction, hired Sue as a Business Consultant in 2011 – Current

We met Sue at a Lakeview Chamber of Commerce event and were impressed at her knowledge of social media. We hired Sue to coach us through implementation of our company Facebook page, beefing up our LinkedIn profiles and more. Sue is well-versed in the ins/outs of social media, is excellent at determining the customer’s needs, helping craft a concept and then providing direction for execution. We highly recommend her if you’re looking for a learned social media consultant.

Jeanmarie Kapp
COO at The Renaissance Companies, hired Sue as a Social Media Consultant in 2011, 2012

Sue is the epitome of positive energy. Since day one (approximately one year ago), Sue jumped right into providing efficient, timely, and fruitful guidance to my company regarding the use of social media tools. Out of the very many people I have worked on projects with, Sue is by far, one of the best, brightest, and most reliable team members that one could ask for.

Often times I go to Sue for consult and I know that she will not only exceed my expectations in her response, she will do so in a respectful, professional, and timely manner. I always look forward to working with Sue, since she brings so much positivity to the table! She is definitely someone who always can bring a laugh and ease to whatever task is at hand. Sue is also someone to learn from and be motivated by such that she continues to strive for excellence and provides great service to her customers on a consistent basis! I highly recommend Sue in any operational setting, but especially when it comes to providing advisory in social media and recommendations for how to customize those tools to your business.”.

Kristen Monroe, MBA, PMP
COO at Walgreens, hired Sue as a Social Media Consultant in 2011, 2012

It has been so helpful to work with Sue on using social media. The sessions with her were clear, concise and directed to my specific questions and she always followed up the session with a short email about what we had covered and links to resources and information. Sue knows about social media because she uses it and she is interested in it – and she shares the ins and outs of different platforms so that you can do it yourself. I can’t say enough good things about Sue and her skills.

Monique Wheeler
Chicagoland Acupuncturist at Meridian 87, hired Sue as a Social Media Consultant in 2011

I really enjoyed working with Sue. She is very knowledgeable about what she does and explained things to me in a way that I could understand. She was also very patient with my questions and willing to go over things again if I did not understand something. I liked her process a lot and am very happy with the results. I will be using her on an ongoing basis for continued help and support and will definitely recommend her to others.

Jennifer Masi
Principal at Flutter Ltd., hired Sue as a Business Consultant in 2011

Sue has great expertise in social media, both in the strategy end, as well as the nuts and bolts. She listens closely to what you’re looking for, but then also offers ideas that you may not have thought of yourself. She’s quick, efficient, goes the extra mile, and is enjoyable to work with. If you need to initiate or beef up your online presence, Sue is a great choice to help you.

Harriet Di Cerbo
Career and Leadership Coach/Trainer/Speaker at Mosaic Path, hired Sue as a Business Consultant in 2010

Of all the people I have met who specialize in social media, Sue Koch is a standout. Not only is she knowledgeable and thorough when she presents her material, she is also able to change her presentation to the expertise level within the group to whom she is speaking…AND she is very entertaining on top of all of it! She will present to groups of almost any size, at a meeting space or at your office. Call her today!

Cynthia Early
Financial Advisor, Edward Jones

Sue is an exceptional coach and mentor with a great command of social media. I’ve enjoyed our sessions, and appreciate her professionalism, teaching skill and remarkable positive attitude!

Pam Peterson
Owner, Custom Cabaret, LLC

Sue and I became associated at a difficult point in my life. I was displaced from a company that I had been with for over 20 years. I was starting from scratch; I had no resume nor did I have any interviewing experience. Sue worked with me to develop the skills and confidence I needed to move forward. Her input did not stop there; she consistently followed up with me, combating lows points, and always building my confidence up. With the job market being as tough as it is, I don’t believe that I could have landed my dream job as soon as I did (less than 3 months) without Sue’s guidance. She had her challenge with me, someone with no resume, no search experience, and no clue on what to do, she did a fantastic job and I could not have asked for more. I highly recommend Sue Koch; you will not find a better professional coach.

Janet Stewart
Solutions Architect, The Nielsen Company

I attended one of Sue Koch’s seminars in early 2010 and the first thing I noticed was how passionate she was about her field. It was also clear that she cares deeply about helping people excel in life and career matters and several of her suggestions on re-evaluating traditional thought patterns helped me have an “a-ha moment” that has been incredibly valuable to me in the months following the seminar. Her genuine and straight-forward approach is wonderful and the ideas she discusses are useful in all areas of a person’s life.

Tracy S. Larrison
Senior Vice President

I came to Sue looking for tools I could use in my professional & personal life to become a more positive person. I had been working in a negative, stressful environment for ten years & was ready for a change. Sue’s genuine desire to help me achieve this goal was immediately evident. As part of the coaching process, I completed an Energy Leadership Assessment. The results show the majority of my attitudes and perceptions fell into a category called “Conflict”. To me, the word “conflict” referred to arguments between me & others. I learned the conflict I was experiencing was within ME, and that I was focusing most of my energy in this area. Sue challenged me to learn and understand what drives me to react in certain ways & provided tools to assist. She has held me accountable to the process ever since. Sue has also given me invaluable insight which has inspired me to be a better person, focus my energy on the positive & break free of things that have held me back from achieving my goals. Thanks to Sue, I know I can achieve my full positional in all aspects of life, and would recommend her to anyone looking to do the same.

KS Federal Employee

Sue did amazing things for the company and brought a much needed boost of morale. Sue truly cares for others and shows it by direct action. I greatly appreciated Sue’s style. Not only did she improve performance and morale, but she also greatly improved the overall operational efficiency of the company as a whole. The company is a better place for Sue having been a part of the team and she will be sorely missed.

Tim Perry
Certified Product Manager, ShowingTime

Sue is a pragmatic, organized, get it done professional. She dramatically improved processes, performance, and the state of practice in finance, operations, customer support, and HR. I would welcome an opportunity to work with Sue as a colleague once again.

Gene Glaudell
Principal Consultant/Consulting CTO

Sue has been nothing but helpful. She has challenged me to think outside the box while still focusing on the things I want to concentrate on. I feel more confident and really appreciate the comfortable relationship we have developed.

Kelly Klein
Financial Representative- Northwestern Mutual

Before working with Sue, it had been a very stressful year. I could not relax. I was tired and lacking in motivation, but with Sue’s valuable insights and encouragement I was able to increase my energy and find new sources of inspiration. Thank you for being so supportive and easy to talk to.

Nia Gabrile

Sue has been an inspiration to me as I take risks in my career that are way out of my comfort zone. She is the perfect collaborator, always seeing that there is more opportunity in sharing our ideas and talents than working individually. Sue is energetic, passionate and has a genuine desire to help people create positive change in their lives. I highly recommend Sue’s coaching services.

Lori Lovens
Owner, Innovation Savvy, Inc.